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Who Are We

Unlike many major skincare companies, Lueur did not start inside of a small store, or even a boardroom. It began in my one bedroom apartment in Savannah, Georgia with our breathtaking Glow Radiance Serum. I had a solid support system who were willing to try the serum I created and after trying, everyone was astounded by the results!

We have gradually been adding new products and coming up with new ideas and strive to one day be a leader in the beauty industry. 

We at Lueur have made a commitment to serve our environment by using all natural products and not testing on animals or the environment. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable, so we encourage all of our consumers to recycle!

We also are strong believers of giving back, our main focus at Lueur is childhood education. There are millions of children around the world who are unable to receive the proper necessities for their education, or maybe even no education at all. We plan on making a difference in children's life, one child at a time. We will be sure to keep all consumers and visitors up to date on all community outreach programs we partake in and will also allow you all to make donations and participate in changing a child's life. 

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